The Team

Managing Director and football fanatic Richard, transfers his passion for the game to his business. Like any good manager he focuses on building a strong team and a winning strategy.

Richard Lowe

Managing Director

Managing Director and F1 fan Rob uses his experience and know-how to support and coach our divisional leadership teams to a winning result.

Rob Taylor

Managing Director

Group Commercial Director and keen mountain biker Darren is responsible for developing, maintaining and evolving our operational commercial strategy. Darren is a fan of Gladiator, however, we think he's more like Wolf than Maximus! Darren also loves to nip out for a sneaky Mexican meal, he always asks for the spice level to be smoking!

Darren Bagnall

Group Commercial Director

Leah is the company's financial custodian, acting as the gatekeeper for our profitability.

Leah Willson

Group Finance Director

Shopaholic Grace would love nothing more than to be hitting the boutiques of Milan, before enjoying fresh pasta in a chic trattoria. When fulfilling her role as part of our accounts team, Grace always shows "Focus", determination and an exceptional attention to detail.

Grace Seedhouse

Financial Controller

Lycra wearing Joe can often be found squatting in the gym with his "partner" in fitness Owen. Joe maintains this discipline in his role as Assistant Accountant to ensure we always have a healthy balance sheet. Joe would also love a "pizza" the action if given the opportunity to visit his dream destination down under - if Owen-ly!

Joe Dluzewski

Assistant Accountant

Budding DJ Richard runs the day to day management of the head office - a lively mix of corporate infrastructure, strategic future planning and operational efficiencies and planning.

Richard Hesketh

General Manager

When Sharon is not holidaying in the Maldives she operates as the accounts team manager where she is accountable for all financial reconciliations.

Sharon Cotton

Accounts Manager

Administration Assistant Jamie works as a key part of our accounts team and is always able to put his finger on the relevant information. Jamie is a keen toy collector but doesn't play about when it comes to his keen attention to detail. Jamie is self driven and very handy when it comes to passing any tests put in front of him.

Jamie Towers

Administration Assistant

Rachel is responsible for the management and completion of the payroll and sub contract ledger. If it was down to her everyone would be paid in chocolate.

Rachel Coleman

Payroll and Subby Ledger Co-ordinator

Nicola's calming approach to the payroll processing ensures any hairy situations are swiftly put to the back of her mind. Nicola always has a busy diary both at work and home, it is always a fight to ensure she can fit everything in, however, this never distracts her from being able to put her finger on the right answer at the drop of a hat.

Nicola Pryor

Payroll and Subcontract Ledger

Curry lover and Accounts Assistant Michelle enjoys weekends away with her family and while maintaining our purchase ledger dreams of holidaying in the Maldives.

Michelle Soroczyk

Purchase Ledger Clerk

Owen is officially the one and only, a great asset to our accounts & payroll teams and can never be seen losing his head. Owen loves nothing more than to carry pizza in his lunch bag and whilst eating often can be caught dreaming of being on holiday in Italy.

Owen Walker

Accounts Assistant

Film lover and Compliance Manager Richard says he has little time for anything other than keeping the team safe, compliant and qualified. What a 'Goodfella'!

Richard Stanhope

Compliance Manager

Danny directs our IT strategy with the same level of detail as Ridley Scott, a lot of what he says can also only be understood by Aliens! Danny always meats out the best advice in his role as a key "steak" holder in corporate strategy and system development meetings.

Daniel Bramley

I.T. Infrastructure Manager

Keen gardener and HSQE Manager Andrew has helped to grow and cultivate the health and safety culture throughout the Universal Group. When on site he will always weed out bad practises and celebrate our successes. Andrew always shines a light on our opportunities, which aids us to continue to grow safely.

Andrew James

HSQE Manager

Family man Damian is accountable for the maintenance and development of the supply chain, ensuring best quality and priced materials are secured. Damian is known as the bowling ball because he always strikes first time. His love for American sports also extends to baseball ... he can often be heard walking round the office saying "where's my baseball?".

Damian Swainston

Procurement General Manager

Curry lover and buyer Leah loves nothing more than offering first class service to our site teams. Leah is always looking to spice up her life by partying hard both at home and abroad. Known as "Lego" to her colleagues, she will play a key part in building our future success.

Leah Gough


Film lover and Fleet Manager Marcus is accountable for the mangement of our fleet of company vehicles. He always goes that extra 'Green Mile'.

Marcus Corby

Fleet Manager

Plant Manager and Moto cross fanatic Shaun looks after the yard, maintenance of the rigs and transport requirements 'cross country'.

Shaun Hodgkinson

Plant Manager

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